Today we are giving a virtual high five to the newest member of our team, Nick Carr.

Nick has a Bachelor of Exercise Science from the Australian Catholic University and a Masters of Physiotherapy from the University of Sydney. He is as passionate about physio as they come! Nick C is most excited about coming to join our team so that he can further develop his interest in the ISM approach with which we treat here at Balance in Motion.  To top it off, Nick is known for his incredible work ethic and his tendency to go above and beyond the call of duty for his patients.

Want to learn more about what gets Nick C going? Then check out this fun & insightful interview below.

Why did you want to become a Physio?
I’ve always liked knowing how things work, which mostly resulted in me pulling apart my broken toys and any gadgets from around the house. Being so interested in sport meant I applied this to the body as well and really enjoyed it.

Your greatest Physio achievement has been…….
I think I’ll always remember one of my first patients as a student. A older gentleman had been having trouble with his hip for around 18 months and it got to the point he could barely walk. He had been seen by a variety of doctors and specialists, had every scan under the sun, and hadn’t gotten any results. I had him perform a couple of fairly targeted exercises and within 3 weeks he was able to walk and almost jog pain free.

What team(s) do you support?
Wests Tigers. I do follow Sydney FC but not as closely I do rugby league.

You try to relax by…..
 Being with friends is always a good way for me to switch off. I do enjoy escaping in a good book; I like fast paced books like Matthew Reilly’s novels. Like most people I do enjoy an interesting TV series, Prison Break is probably my favourite.

What sports do you play?
Soccer and cricket. I do watch a lot of rugby league though, more than soccer and cricket.

If you had to be a biscuit which would you be?
I’d be a Monte Carlo, it’s a classic. Tastes good on its own or in hot chocolate, doesn’t fall apart when you dunk it. You can’t go wrong. My Nan always used to give me these as a kid so they hold sentimental value too.

Whats something a little different about you that not many people would know?
I play cricket for the same club that Steve and Mark Waugh did as juniors. Me and a team mate broke a record they held for the highest partnership. Also, I don’t drink coffee…or beer!


If you’d like to book in with Nick C, feel free to book online or give Zoe a call on 9365 0004. He is here almost every day including Friday arvos and Saturday mornings! #legend