We are so pleased to welcome San to our team. San is also a meditation teacher and will be teaching classes and individuals here at BIM. To help you get to know San a little bit better, check out her answers below to our curly questions:


You try to relax by?

Going for a walk without shoes (this helps me to feel grounded), drinking chamomile tea and of course, meditating!


What sport/ exercise do you enjoy?

Dance, especially ecstatic or any other kind of free form dance.


If you could have tea with 3 people who would they be?

Janine Allis (Boost founder), Buddha and my grandfather.


How did you get into meditation? Any tips on how others can start?

I started meditating as a way to become more present and connected. I often found myself over thinking and analysing every single thing, which rarely gave me a chance to enjoy life or to perform at my best. At first it was a challenge, but in time, I began to love it and now it’s become my go to for experiencing peace of mind and relaxation.

Tips for getting started – get comfy!! When meditating, comfort really is key. Make sure you’re warm, sit on a pillow if needed, and if you’re finding it uncomfortable to sit cross legged, try meditating against a wall, in a chair or lying down. Doing some basic yoga beforehand will also help to deepen your meditation practice and also, set a realistic time frame.

Even if it’s just 5 minutes a day to start with, consistency will get you a lot further. The important thing is to make the commitment and stick to it.