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Not exercising because of pain or injury can be so frustrating and when you’re not training you sleep less, exercise less, eat unhealthily, losing confidence in your body. Our job is to give you pain relief, an accurate diagnosis and help you understand why you’re in pain.

Our team will give you a plan and exercises to avoid further injury and to get on with your life, giving you more trust in your body to get you going.

We understand going somewhere new is daunting (we also have trust issues), so to make it easier we’re offering $50 off your first consult with us! Yes, and if you have a health fund we can drop this even further!

We are so confident in our capabilities and our team that we offer you a money back guarantee if you aren’t happy.

Let us help you get back to what you love and regain trust and confidence in your body! Book your appointment with us below and write $50 OFF in the notes section for your discount.



131 Glenayr Avenue, Bondi Beach, NSW, 2026


Located in the heart off Bondi Beach, On the Corner of Glenayr Avenue and Curlewis Street, Bondi.


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If you’re still unsure whether our Bondi Clinic can help you, get in touch below for a FREE 10 min consultation over the phone or email with one of our experts. Simply write “Free 10 Min Consultation” and your preferred method (Phone or Email) in the subject and one of our expert Physio’s will get back to you as soon as possible. No obligation to make an appointment.

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Our customers, their wellbeing and happiness is our main focus and we're truly grateful to have been able to help them when they most needed.
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“makes you feel safe and taken care of”

I couldn’t walk and now I can run, all after 2 months of physiotherapy sessions with Sam! Sam is the best and the most professional physiotherapist I ever met, he is having extreme intuition and ‘I-can-help-you’ attitude, that makes you feel safe and taken care of. I love the fact that even though I suffered an injury he didn’t forbid sports activities, but adjust them to my condition! Sam is amazing person and I can sincerely recommend sessions with him. Balance in Motion is lucky to have him! Also, many thanks to Zoe from the reception for her smile and cheerful attitude!
— Ola

“Lindel is an excellent physio.”

Lindel is an excellent physio. I like the holistic approach taken to find the root and source of your problem and fix any issues permanently. Out of hours appointments are always available and the team are friendly and their experience of dealing with sports injuries while allowing you to continue training is awesome.
— Melanie

“always greeted with a warm welcome”

Hands down the best Physio in the east! The team always go above and beyond to make sure my experience is 110%. Always squeezing me in for an appointment when I am in serious need and relieving me of all my pain and niggles, I am extremely grateful. Added bonus that you are always greeted with a warm welcome and made to feel at ease. I would recommend this physio to anyone who feels the need to have something checked.
— Isabella

“So intuitive and caring in their approach”

Nick C and Gina are absolutely amazing. So intuitive and caring in their approach. I’ve seen a lot of physios for multiple sporting injuries over the years and there are a lot of people out there that should NOT be putting their hands on anyone. I would trust these guys with my life. Top class in personality and professionalism. These guys are a level above the rest. After years of sub-optimal treatments I finally found therapists who can actually fix dysfunction. Nick C is particularly good on ankles, knees and running injuries. Highly recommended
— Cleo

“Gina's dry needling and massage is amazing”

Gina is awesome. Having been suffering from suspected sciatica for about two years, I finally decided to see a physio and I’m so glad I did. Gina is hugely knowledgeable and over the course of three sessions I have felt such a big improvement, with significantly returned feeling where before I had numbness. Gina’s dry needling and massage is amazing, and he’s recommended exercises which seem to have really worked.
— Hannah

“super professional and friendly”

These guys are always super professional and friendly, but most importantly always get to the actual root and cause of your problem, rather than just look at the main resulting injury. Have sent loads of friends to them, would always recommend!
— Stephanie

helped me achieve my biggest exercise and fitness goal without being hindered by pain.

Gina’s ability to immediately get to the root of a physical problem (no matter how complex) and provide effective and thorough treatment is unmatched.In years of playing sport and managing injuries, I have never met a therapist in this space who has sorted me out so quickly and helped me achieve my biggest exercise and fitness goals without being hindered by pain.
— Amy B