We often hear people say that they have issues with their bladder or pelvic floor, but though it was normal because they’d had a baby, have always had it, or they are just getting a bit older. But it’s Not!

 If you can’t jump on a trampoline, run, cough or have a proper belly laugh without a fear of leaking then it’s definitely time to get your pelvic floor checked so that we can help you resolve this issue.

 We commonly hear people say that they have been doing Pelvic floor exercises or ‘kegels’ for years and the problem isn’t going away. This could be as simple as you not knowing the correct type of pelvic floor exercise for you.

The pelvic floor is like all other skeletal muscles in your body. It’s needs to have power and strength, endurance, co-ordination and the correct timing and ability to fully contract and fully relax afterwards. If your pelvic floor is lacking in one of these components, then it will be dysfunctional and not work for you as well as it should do. By having a full assessment with a Women’s health physio we can work out the actual cause for your issue, and give you a specific treatment program to improve it.

Some of the conditions we treat

  • ·         Stress urinary incontinence – leaking when you cough/sneeze/jump etc

  • ·         Bladder frequency, urgency and urge incontinence

  • ·         Postnatal recovery – including pelvic floor and abdominal separation

  • ·         Pregnancy pelvic floor check or musculoskeletal pain

  • ·         Pelvic pain – including vaginissmus, or vulvodynia

  • ·         Bowel urgency or constipation

  • ·         Pelvic organ prolapse

  • ·         Pelvic floor dysfunction that might be contributing to musculoskeletal issues – eg hip, back, pelvis or rib.