Eight years ago I was disillusioned with Physio at the time. I was working in a “factory physio clinic” treating 3 or 4 patients per hour, not getting to the root cause of WHY you are in pain - watching two patients doing their exercises wrong, using machines like ultrasound (that don’t work) and generally doing a below average job.

Treating the pain, or simply rubbing the painful area is pointless and doesn’t solve the problem of why you are in pain or can’t life the active lifestyle you want.

I began to notice Physio was going through a bit of an evolution, internationally. We were discovering that injuries greatly involved more than just the actual area of pain. Additionally there were other major influences to consider - stress, sleep quality, postural habits, faulty movement patterns, emotional states, systemic issues and nutrition were also contributing.

A couple of Canadian Physio revolutionaries were changing the game. Diane and LJ Lee. They were vocal in looking for the drivers or key issues wrong and demonstrating how this was causing pain, they were looking at a patient as an individual story rather than a recipe. They were also getting immediate powerful change in the way patients moved and were able to do more than reduce their pain.

They were helping people live a better life within their bodies and that really resonated.

These Physios were not only getting people better faster, they were giving patients the tools to manage themselves and creating a whole lot of wows of disbelief...so I went all in. I wanted my patients in Bondi to also walk away saying “wow” and understanding what was truly wrong with them.

I learnt as much as I could from LJ Lee. I felt that patients deserved more, and it made me excited to be a Physio again.

So, I handed in my notice and took some time off to assess how to best implement this system. I was burnt out but I knew I wanted to open a clinic and do things differently.

Firstly, I wanted to make consultations longer. 20 to 30 minutes is not long enough to assess, diagnose and treat patients well in one session.
I wanted an army of like minded Physios as passionate as me so we could team up and find the key issues on people with more complex histories.
I wanted to do more than get rid of pain. I wanted to positively change the way people moved, slept, managed their stress and achieved personal bests.

Balance In Motion was born.



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