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Lindel CAIN

“Spine, Hips and Glutes Rehabber”

Lindel is a passionate Pilates and Connect Therapy expert Physio who first became interested in the human body when she injured herself at the young age of 12. After spending a lot of her teenage years seeing various physio’s for her injury, Lindel realised that she wanted to be able to help people in the same position she had been in, to get better and to get their bodies and life back. This lead her down the track of becoming a Physio herself.

As a Pilates and rehab physio, Lindel loves how the two modalities compliment each other. She believes that Pilates is a wonderful form of exercise for those who are scared to start moving again post injury or just feel that they need someone to supervise who has a deeper understanding of their own bodies complexities. So if that sounds like you, don’t hesitate to drop by with any questions.

See Lindel for Pilates, Hip, Low Back and Pelvis pain.

When Lindel is not working, she loves to go to the beach. She is currently learning to surf, so if you have any advice or tips she would love to hear them!

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James wood

“The Complex Spine Guy”

James decided to be a physio because he’s always been fascinated with the human body and been involved in sports, so he was at the physio a lot when he was younger. He love working with people to get to the cause of their problem and help them understand what’s going on in their body. He like helping people achieve things they didn’t think they would be able to. 

James has done the intense year long Connect Therapy Series and advanced Level 4 Connect Therapy series. He loves complex injuries and working out how previous injuries relate. He is passionate about Pilates and strength in improving peoples long term injuries. If you need a second opinion or have a challenging injury see James.

His sports are: soccer, road cycling, road running but enjoys playing all sports and recreationally plays tennis and golf.

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The "Shoulder Whisperer"

Gina is a bubbly enthusiastic Physio, with a passion for holistic treatment. Gina gained her Physiotherapy degree from the University of Sydney and is currently completing a Masters in Pain Science. She loves learning about the mind and body, how they influence each other and she respects this relationship in her treatments.

She was a keen dancer, and it was here that her fascination with anatomy and movement began. She has a particular love for shoulders, necks and ribs, and has a non-creepy affection for feet too.

When she’s not working, Gina loves music, plays tennis, and cycles around Sydney’s east. She loves cooking and feeding her family, and is always planning some kind of travel adventure!


Sarah may

“The Womens Health and Pilates Guru”

Sarah loves Physio because she really enjoys talking to people and learning their story. Sarah wants people to feel like they can do whatever they want to do as far as moving their bodies, as she thinks it gets very depressing when you feel that your body is failing to do something that you want it to do. She believes strongly that movement and exercise help people move their bodies better and enjoy life more, and being a Physio helps people do this. It's really fun and rewarding seeing people achieve things and participate in whatever they want without discomfort or limitations.

At the moment she loves anything that involves water (liquid or frozen!). She does a lot of swimming, sailing and skiing when she can find enough snow, and she like to pretend that she can surf. She also really enjoy the challenge of Pilates and functional training classes.

See Sarah for Pilates, pelvic, hip or low back pain. Also see Sarah for anything womens health. If you are pregnant or have had kids and feel this may be involved with your injury, definitely see Sarah!


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Sam Ryan

“The Knee Guru and Happiness Coach ”

Sam is very passionate about helping people holistically to find happiness, become healthy, and to achieve their goals in life.

Being highly involved in sport, Sam has had many injuries over the years. From dislocating and fracturing his elbow playing AFL, to tearing his medial collateral knee ligament skiing, to recurrent ankle sprains from playing soccer, and chronic back pain.  

Experiencing first hand the benefits of physiotherapy and what it takes to return to full physical fitness. Sam has since gone onto specialise in KNEE injuries and sporting musculoskeletal conditions. Sam loves knees. He is also one of the only people in Australia certified in the GLAD knee rehab program which was one of the biggest knee studies in the world.  

Sam has also suffered from anxiety, depression, and not having a purpose in life. Leading him to travel the world in search for happiness and the meaning of life. This lead him to Nepal to do a 10 day silent meditation retreat. Where he found true burst out laughing and roll on the floor happiness. And discovered his purpose in life to make the world healthy and happy.  

Since then Sam, otherwise known as the happiness coach has been on a mission to spread the message that it is an inner journey to health and happiness. 

If you are have a sore knee, are feeling stressed, unhappy or unfulfilled in life, or if you have any questions regarding meditation, holistic health, or achieving your dreams in life then please let me know.

 Sam offers Physiotherapy sessions

  • Meditation sessions and education

  • Happiness Coaching sessions to find your purpose and get your mojo back 

To book with Sam call 93650004 or book online HERE



Nick Carr

The "Scientist"

Nick C loves soccer, cricket and league (Go the Tigers!). He still plays both cricket and soccer.

Nick loves complex injuries. Any thing challenging excites Nick. He also loves necks, ribs and the foot and ankle.




The "Footologist"

Nick Torrance set out on his Physio journey as a rugby physio for numerous senior club and representative rugby union teams. Since this time he has worked in Auckland, London and Sydney treating Wimbledon finalists, All Blacks, Wallabies, Olympians, Politicians and Rock Stars along the way.

His Physio career changed whilst working in London when he was working with Physios who took a different approach to injuries. Their results were significantly better than his so he changed paths from sport and studied with his mentor LJ Lee extensively. This became the foundation for his approach to injury management. 

Nick specialises in MMA, running and  triathlon injuries. He also enjoys treating athletes that are struggling to get back on the field and want a second opinion. He also has a special interest in the foot and ankle.

Nick spends his time hanging with his two kids Lily and Luca, doing a bit of BJJ and is a UFC and All Blacks fanatic.

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Whitney Klonsky

Whitney recently moved with her husband and 2 dogs from the United States. She was a personal trainer, has worked as a physical therapy aide and has also been a pace leader for marathon training groups. She loves knowing how things work with the body and it's always exciting to see people reach their physical goals. 

When she's not at work Whitney loves running, hiking, and especially skiing plus she is currently learning to surf - when you live in Bondi why not! She also loves to cook and travel, always planning future adventures.




“BIM’s Edwin Jarvis”

Kenneth has always been fascinated with computers since he can remember or even before, he’s working remotely for Balance in Motion and currently living in Davao City,Philippines. He’s our Video Editor, Graphic Designer, Marketing guy and etc.

He loves to play basketball and video games. He loves beaches, camping, and hiking.