We have done extensive running injury training with some of the best running injury specialists in the world. We will film your technique, check your shoe choice and exclude biomechanical issues. 

The staff have some pretty quick sup 90 minute half runners and some battlers who just love to do the May and September half. 

Running and Triathlon injuries

What our Physio team can do for you:

  • Digital Running Analysis

  • Program design

  • Running technique modification

  • Dry Needling and Massage

  • Strength and stretch program


Tips to Prevent/TREAT YOUR INJURY:

  • Look for patterns, is your pain worse in the morning, during the run or after a run. Are you able to run 5kms before the pain kicks in or more? Does it swell?

  • Have you changed anything lately? These questions help you identify what you can change to get you back running.

  • If there is swelling don't run until you have seen a specialist. Ice and compress the area to reduce swelling. Reducing swelling helps with muscle function. 

  • Never run through pain. If your pain doesn't warm up and disappear after a few hundred metres see a specialist as soon as possible.

Instant rebate available on your consultation

You can see us before or after work from 7am until 8pm Monday to Friday or Saturday mornings if weekdays are a struggle.