Let's Welcome our new Physio: Sarah


1) Why did you decide to be a physio and why do you love it?

I first knew I wanted to be a Physio when I was 13. I was really sporty, but really accident prone and spent a lot of time at our local Physio ( I also booked all my appointments during school hours which meant I got to miss the boring subjects). My Physio was about 25 and I thought she was super cool and fun, so I basically wanted to be like her when I grew up. Conveniently, I also loved science, anatomy and learning how the body worked so I decided to become a Physio!

I love Physio because I really enjoy talking to people and learning their story. I want people to feel like they can do whatever they want to do as far as moving their bodies, as I think it gets very depressing when you feel that your body is failing to do something that you want it to do. I believe strongly that movement and exercise help people move their bodies better and enjoy life more, and being a Physio helps people do this. It's really fun and rewarding seeing people achieve things and participate in whatever they want without discomfort or limitations.

2) What sport and exercise do you enjoy?

At the moment I love anything that involves water (liquid or frozen!). I do a lot of swimming, sailing and skiing when I can find enough snow, and I like to pretend that I can surf. I also really enjoy the challenge of Pilates and functional training classes.

3) What is your all time favourite movie?

I’m really struggling to answer this question...... I can narrow it down to any of the 8 Harry Potter films or Jaws. Which sounds weird since I love being in the water, but there is something awesomely classic about the origional Jaws, and it helps me maintain my irrational fear of sharks.

4) Which two people alive or dead would you love to sit down with and have a couple of coffees/wines with?

If I could have a a couple of wines with anyone it would be Sir Edmond Hillary. Because I'm a kiwi, and he was an absolute legend and I'd really love to hear his stories as I'm sure they would be epic!

I'd also love to have a wine or 2 with my Granny - she died when I was 2 so I don't remember her, but apparently I loved her and she sounded like a stunner of a woman.