The 3 Most Common Questions Asked By Mums To Be Answered By Our Women's Health Expert

Can I Exercise While I am Pregnant?

Can I exercise during pregnancy is the most common I get asked as a women’s health physio and YES, and we actually want you to exercise :)

The guidelines say that you should be doing 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise a day while you're pregnant. Some really good exercise options are things like swimming, walking, pilates, and yoga. Doing some weights is great to build up your muscle strength and those who love impact exercise can keep it up if they're feeling okay ( as long as they were doing it before they were pregnant).

Should I Get My Pelvic Floor Assessed During my Pregnancy?

Should I get my pelvic floor checked during and after my pregnancy?

Checking your pelvic floor while you're pregnant is very important.

The pelvic floor can go one of two ways. It might be a little bit weak, in which case you should go through a strengthening program. This can make the end of pregnancy and the early postnatal period a lot more pleasant!

If your pelvic floor is tending more towards being a little bit too tight, releasing your pelvic floor can make it function better. This can help the birth process and then the postnatal period as well because it'll be working better.

Why Am I Getting Pelvic Girdle Pain During My Pregnancy?

Pelvic girdle pain is any pain around your pelvis, which is basically your public bone, your hips, your lower back and kind of into your glutes. Everyone gets some sort of pelvic girdle pain while they're pregnant because the pelvis is widening and softening to accommodate the growing baby and to prepare for birth.

Some people get a tiny bit of pain and some people get a lot of pain. It depends on how your body responds. It's a really common, normal part of pregnancy but you don't have to put up with it and there's a lot of things that a pregnancy physio can do to help ease it.

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