Let's Welcome our new Physio: James Wood

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1) Why did you decide to be a physio and why do you love it?

I decided to be a physio because I’ve always been fascinated by the human body and been involved in sports, so I was at the physio a lot when I was younger. I love working with people to get to the cause of their problem and help them understand what’s going on in their body. I like helping people achieve things they didn’t think they would be able to.

2) What sport and exercise do you enjoy?

My sports are: soccer, road cycling, road running but I enjoy playing all sports and recreationally play tennis and golf when I can.

3) What is your all time favourite movie?

Top Gun

4) Which two people alive or dead would you love to sit down with and have a couple of coffees/wines with?

Stephen Fry & Freddie Mercury.