Help I've Just Hurt My Back! What Should I Do?

If you have just hurt your back or woken up with really bad back pain it can be pretty frightening and painful! 85% of the population will suffer from an episode of back pain, sciatica or bulging disc pain in their life so you are definitely not alone.

The most important thing is just to keep moving, so going for a little walk, changing positions from sitting to standing is really useful. It's okay to sit down if that is comfortable (although many people struggle in that initial period). It's okay to lay down, but try not to stay there for more than 20 minutes. Instead get up, go for a walk around the house or block and then lye or sit back down.

James has put together a series of exercises for you to do when you initially hurt your back. We recommend you don’t push through pain however doing these exercises if tolerable is excellent for keeping your back from stiffening up.

Exercise 1: Rocking knees from side to side

Rock your knees from side to side. Stay relaxed and just take your knees as far as the stretch feels comfortable. Do 10 or 15 each way. You can do this four or five times a day.

Exercise 2: The Pelvic Tilt

Gently roll your pelvis up so your low back flattens and then roll your pelvis away from it to make an arch in your back. So it's just rolling your pelvis toward and away from you. Again, just going as far as is comfortable ten to fifteen times at a time 4 to 5 times per day.

Exercise 3: Piriformis Stretch

Cross your leg over for a glute stretch. You can pull the thigh in to make the stretch a bit stronger, holding to 30 seconds each side. You should feel a stretch in your backside with this stretch. If there is any leg pain please stop.

Exercise 4: The Mckenzie Extension

Lye on your front, and press up, slowly lifting your head and chest. Slightly arching up and coming back down. You don't really want to be lifting too much through the back muscles, just keep it relaxed so it's more of a stretch. You can add a little bit of extra pressure with your hands if you want. Again make sure that it doesn't cause any extra pain.

How should I sleep if I have low back pain?

With sleeping posture, I generally recommend to people to sleep however it feels most comfortable. That can be on your front, on your back, on your side. You can change position, but generally just find a position of most comfort as getting to sleep is the most important part.

Come in and get your back assessed once you feel confident you can leave the house and we will help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible!