What Is A Correction?

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When we stand you in front of the mirror and straighten your pelvis, realign your neck or lift the arch of your foot we are eliciting a correction or improving that body part function. 

What is a correction and why the hell do we do it? 

We aim to see whether this helps or hinders the rest of your body in search of the key driver or problematic area.

Sometimes we run out of hands and will get one of the Physio team to hold a correction of the body part while we check the relationship good or bad with the other parts of the body to get the best possible driver diagnosis.

We all know we are connected from head to toe via fascia (think of the white part around the chicken breast) so entering the right part of your body or system will get us the fastest gains in improvement in your pain and get you back doing what you love asap. 

That is why a correction is one of our best diagnostic tools!