What Is The Driver And How Does It Relate To My Injury?

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What is this driver you guys speak of? You tell me my hip is the driver of my problem. What does that actually even mean? 

Our body is the story of our life long habits, sports and injuries. I remember recently looking back at my school tennis photo. My whole squad had massive right shoulders and tiny left shoulders with everyone leaning slightly to the right except me the left hander doing the exact opposite. 

Think of living the rest of your life like that. What influence could it have on the rest of your body over time?

What about someone that broke their leg as a 6 year old and developed a 1cm leg length difference. What influence could a leg length difference have on the different parts of the body over the next 30 years? 

Finally what if you rolled your ankle badly and admittedly at the time you could have done a better job of managing it. What could that do to your knee, anke or back with a stiffer and slightly flatter foot?

The driver is that key body region that if you optimize the mechanics and alignment would automatically improve all the other twists, turns and compensations in the rest of the body. 

This area or several areas that dramatically improve the way you move are drivers. Identifying these is part of the art and science of Physio

Figuring out everyone's unique story and driver is how we change lives. We love it!